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0 Critical Strike (CS) Portable | 2012

Certainly familiar with his buddy infoteknomedia game Counter Strike? well this time I will share the game that can be said is similar to Counter Strike, the Critical Strike (CS) Portable. Game Critical Strike (CS) Portable is cross platform, so you can play with the android users, iOS, PC and the web version.

Cross-platform itself that according to wikipedia is a term in information technology on a software (software) that can be used in several different operating systems (Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS, BSD, etc.). Generally, the software has the ability to cross-platform is a free software.


Game Critical Strike (CS) Portable can you play multiplayer online / LAN with users android, iOS, PC, and web. So if you do not have a android / iOS or vice versa, you can come into play with a PC or the web version.

I also have done test plays Critical Strike (CS) Portable multiplayer lan from pc and android, counter terrorist as a terrorist on the pc and on the android, and the results went well. Oiya, to be able to play multiplayer, please equate version of the game on each device.

Tampilan game Critical Strike (CS) Portable 2.07a di PC :

Tampilan game Critical Strike (CS) Portable 2.07a di android :

  • Supporting platforms: Android, iOS, Windows and others PC, running Unity Web Player.
  • nVidia PhysX using.
  • You can play using 2G-network.
  • A lot of different game modes (DeathMatch, Matrix mod, Zombie mod, Survival, Bomb planting, Hostages resque).
  • Bots support.
  • Own room administration, change gameplay settings.
  • LAN-game support.
  • User-made maps support.
  • 2 camera views: first person and third person.
  • etc.
PLEASE NOTE! Critical Strike Portable has no connection to Valve Corporation. Critical Strike Portable tributes original Counter Strike v1.6 but is an independent game developed from the scratch using self-made code and resources.

How pal interested you, please be my friend downloaded directly and in its gaming jajal sob, the download link below mate ... :

Password : infoteknomedia.blogspot.com

Download Critical Strike (CS) Portable PC | CS Portable Android | CS Portable for iOS ||

Hopefully Helpful buddy .. ^ _ ^ ..., Thanks ..

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