Minggu, 18 November 2012

0 These characteristics Female Sex Maniac

LENSAINDONESIA.COM: Women who love to satisfy her partner was not necessarily he can also enjoy the sex itself. Sometimes, women are only good at satisfying their partner, while he was not satisfied at all.However, there are also women who easily satisfy her in sex. These characteristics of women who enjoy sex or hiperseks:

1. Dare to say no. A woman who likes sex does not hesitate to say no to a partner who took sex. When they want to read, rest, or sleep, instead of sex, they did not hesitate to admit it. Women who never say no to sex, though not in the mood, it also never say 'yes' in full. That is, they never want to actually have sex.2. Selfish in love. Anyone who likes sex necessarily know exactly what they want, and what pleases him. He also tends to control the game, saying the pair, menggairahkannya things. That way, it would seem selfish in bed."A wife whose husband just thinking taste and things that may please her husband, not herself, often fall into a sense of frustration that makes it easier."3. Flexible. No, not his diving flexible sex positions that number a thousand and one things. Their mind is flexible. They never impose conditions before sex, for example, should be in the room, the lights dim, or just have sex with the missionary position, man on top of her. They tend to stay away from regular sex.4. More excited. Again, not only in the sense of passionate sex. Women who like sex will naturally look passionate in running anything. They always have enough energy to look attractive or cooking / looking for favorite foods, tend to indulge tongue diligent, and others.5. Concentration. Enjoy sex absolutely needs a concentration of mind. Like a 'save' your mind about the stairs at home, while working in the office. Likewise sex. Women who like sex adept 'split' his mind like that. When making love, they can be good at keeping all the fuss was struck. * A variety of sources

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